Name of the Commodity : Chironji

Botanical Name : Buchania Lanza
Family :

Buchania Lanzan, commonly known as Achaar, Char or Chironji, is found in deciduous forests through out greater part of India. It is a medium sized tree, with straight trunk, and has dark grey or black fruit, divided into small rectangular plates.

Availability and Spread

An estimate done in 80s suggests that availability of Chironji is not significant in forests of Chhatisgarh. The state carved 5% in terms of production and 15% of revenue in Chironji trade in undivided MP. Occurrence of Chironji in CG is concentrated in Sal region comprising of Jagdalpur, Raipur, Kanker and Sarguja.

As per estimate of state MFP federation, total potential of Chironji in undivided MP is 5000 tonnes per annum that can generate 8 lakh person days of employment.

The trees are found in farmlands as well as commons, scattered widely in forests and hence it takes lot of time and patience to collect significant amount of Chironji to process or sell.


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