Name of the Commodity : Bahera (Belleric Myrobalans)

Botanical Name : Terminalia balerica
Family : Combretaceae
  Sanskrit  :  Vibhitaki,   English  :   Belleric Myrobalans,
  Hindi  :  Bahera,   Bangla  :  Bhairah,
  Marathi  :  Baheda,   Telegu  :  Tani,
  Tamil  :  Tani,   Malayam :  Thani,
  Oriya  :  Bhara  
A tree common in Indian Forest and plains, with characteristic barks, attaining a height upto 40 meters. The tree is a common associate of Sal, Teak and other important trees.
Parts Used

The fruit contains Moisture :6%, Tannin 21%(which comprises both condensed and hydrolysable types), water extractable 44%.


The dried fruits of the tree constitute the drug Bhaeda. The fruit are useful in stomach disorder such as indigestion, diarrhea. It is given also as a brain tonic and is applied on eyes as a soothing lotion. Baheda is useful in piles, leprosy, dropsy and fever. The half dried fruit are Considered to be purgative but the ripe and dried fruits has the opposite property. The Baheda fruit is one of the three constituents of the Triphala.

Other Uses
The fruits yield tannin which is used for tanning leather and for Dyeing cloth and leather and also for making inks.


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